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Professional quality... when money IS an object!

I understand the necessity of staying within a budget.  With the cost of food, decorations, building rentals, and everything else you need for your event, you shouldn't have to sacrifice on the entertainment.  After all, you want your guests to have fun, right?  That's where "Party On A Budget" comes in.  I have professional sound equipment, years of experience, a large library of music, and plenty of fun ideas, just like the big company guys.  The only difference is that I can provide it all for a lot less.  How?  I own all of my equipment, I work out of my home, and I do all of the events myself.  I have no overhead and no salaries to pay.  The difference in the price comes from the business, not the product.  Your guests will have fun, leave happy, and never suspect that you were on a budget.

The standard package is perfect for wedding receptions, most party venues, most outdoor locations, or background music for special events.  The standard package is more than sufficient for 95% of all wedding reception venues!  Basic dance floor lighting is included if needed.  Additional decorative and party lighting is available. 

My music library consists of a wide variety of music covering many different styles and eras from the oldies to today's top hits.  Dancers, both young and old, will have many opportunities to hit the dance floor.

Compare my prices with the prices of other DJ companies and I am sure you will find them to be very competitive and reasonable while the quality of service that you will receive will be just as professional as theirs.  When you are ready to hire your DJ, contact me and you can "Party On A Budget"!


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Does your event have to be less enjoyable than someone else's event just because you have to stick to a tight budget?

The answer is "NO".

"Party On A Budget" was started in January of 2008.  I now have over twelve years of DJ experience under my belt and I'm looking forward to starting my 16th year in 2023.

During the past 15 years, I have had the privilege to work at over 160 different venues.  As I look back over them, they each bring back wonderful memories.  You can see the list of venues here.