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Technical Stuff

Standard Package - $

Audio-Technica wireless microphones

Two QSC K12.2 Powered speakers
2” speaker, 1-horn each), 2000 watts capacity each speaker

Two QSC KS212c Powered Subwoofers (if necessary)
(2-12" speakers), 3600 watts capacity each

These speakers are professional quality with extremely natural and clear tones at high and low volumes.  QSC is an industry leader in Pro Audio.

If needed: Two light trees, each with two LED light bars, to provide lighting for the dance area when sufficient light is not available.  Color choices are white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and magenta or a changing combination of all of the colors.  They have sound activated effects that will allow the colors to change with the beat of the music. 

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Why Professional Quality?

Professional quality sound equipment is vital when you want to deliver the best sound possible to your clients.  I use only professional quality equipment because I want you to experience the same level of enjoyment that you would have gotten for a much higher cost with someone else.  The speakers that I use are the same speakers used by a large local DJ company, so you can expect the same music quality from me that you would from them.

Any Questions?
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I believe in backups!

I always carry plenty of backup equipment, including laptop, music,, microphones, mixer, and cables.
If an unexpected breakdown occurs, I want my clients to be assured that the show can go on without any major disturbance to their event.  I don't believe in wasting a client's time trying to fix any problems at their expense.  My motto is "Replace it now, fix it later!"

In my opinion, this is very important.